Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

The Kanevskaya district is situated in the north-western part of the Krasnodar region. The area occupied by the Kanevskaya district is 3% of the total area of the Kuban. The length of its territory from north to south is 50 km, and from west to east – 75 km. The district is located in the Kubansko-Priazovskaya Lowland. The district borders in the north with the Shcherbinovskiy and Starominskaya districts, in the east – with the Leningradskaya and Pavlovskiy districts, in the south – with the Bryukhovetskaya district and in the west – with the Primorsko-Akhtarsk and Yeisk districts.

The territory of the district consists of a plain part. There are chernozemic (carbonate) soils in the district. The area of the district is 2,483 square kilometers.

The Kanevskaya District was founded in June 1924; it is an administrative and territorial unit of the Krasnodar Region, a historically established place of residence for the Kuban Cossacks and includes the following rural districts: Kanevskaya, Krasnogvardeyets, Kubanskaya Step, Novoderevyankovskaya, Novominskaya, Privolnenskaya, Pridorozhnaya, Staroderevyankovskaya and Chelbasskaya.

The territory is divided into 9 rural settlements combining 38 settlements, including 8 Cossack villages, 5 villages, 24 farms, and 1 rural community. The district center is the Cossack village of Kanevskaya, the largest Cossack village of the Krasnodar region with a population of about 46,000 people.

As of January 1, 2018, the permanent population amounted to 103.7 thousand people, including 39.4 thousand economically active people.

8.6 thousand people are employed in agriculture; 8.9 thousand people in industry, and 1.4 thousand people in the construction sphere.

There are mild winters and hot summers at the Kanevskaya district. The climate is moderate continental with the influence of the Azov Sea. The average temperature in January is – 3.2°C and in June is + 21.2°C. Winter is not stable, with frequent thaws. Winds of east and north-east directions prevail. July and August are the hottest months.

The Kanevskaya district has about 17 thousand hectare of channel water resources. The steppe rivers Chelbas, Srednyaya Chelbaska, Sukhaya Chelbaska, Miguty, Albashi, Beysug and Pravy Beysuzhek cross the district from east to west.

There are large fields of gas condensate, brick loamy clay, sea shells and curative mineral springs in the territory of the district.

Oil and gas pipelines of high pressure pass through the lands of the district. The district has 4 major railway stations. The distance from the district center – the Cossack village of Kanevskaya – to Krasnodar is 120 kilometers, and the same distance is to the port city of Yeisk.

The North Caucasian Railway Line is a basis of the transport network of the district. Communication with the regions and neighboring regions of the Russian Federation is supported with a bus service.

The share of the main branches of the district in the economy is as follows: agriculture - 41%, industry - 28%, retail trade 22%, other industries - 9%.

The largest and most efficient enterprises of the agricultural complex of the Kanevskaya District are as follows: Pobeda Stud Farm Agricultural Firm CJSC, Druzhba OJSC, Urozhay Stud Farm OJSC, Niva Agricultural Firm CJSC, Kuban LLC, Kubanskaya Step PJSC, Volya Stud Farm CJSC, Rodina PJSC, PJSC Named After the Hero of the Great Patriotic War Danilchenko V.I. Agricultural crops yield indices are among the highest in the Krasnodar Region. The district has a large number of cattle and is a leader in the production of meat and milk.

Agricultural land area is 181,000 hectares, including 177,000 hectares of farm fields. 10.3 thousand people work in the agroindustrial complex of the Kanevskaya district, among them 6.3 thousand people work in agriculture.

The industry of the district is represented by the following branches: food industry (takes 90% in the total amount of products), machinery, building materials production, gas industry and printing industry. The processing of agricultural raw materials is a main direction of the industry of the district.

The largest enterprises that form the district economy are as follows:

  • Kubangazprom Gas Production Directorate;
  • Kanevskoy Gas Equipment Plant LLC;
  • Kaloria LLC;
  • Kanevskoy Meat and Poultry Processing Plant LLC;
  • Kanevsksakhar PJSC;
  • Plamya LLC;
  • Russkoye Pole – Albashi Cannery Plant LLC;
  • Kanevskoye Road Maintenance and Construction Department CJSC;
  • Sladich Kuban LLC.

The products of such enterprises, as Kaloria LLC, Kanevskoy Meat and Poultry Processing Plant LLC, Russkoye Pole – Albashi Cannery Plant LLC and Sladich Kuban LLC, are known far beyond the Krasnodar Region. The Kanevskoy Gas Equipment Plant has been manufacturing gas ranges and gas equipment for almost 25 years.

The volume of shipped goods by enterprises of the district during five years amounted to 211,331 million rubles.

10 billion rubles were invested in the economy of the Municipal Formation Kanevskaya District during the period 2013-2017. The volume of investments in 2017 amounted to more than 2 billion rubles. The main volume of investments is directed to agriculture, processing industry, housing and utilities and social sphere.