Changes in rules of fishery

According to the Order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation of July 14, 2014 N 273 "About modification of the rules of fishery for the Azovo-Chernomorsky fishery basin approved by the order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation of August 1, 2013 N 293" amateur and sports fishery it is possible to carry out during all calendar year, however there are also restrictions:

1) from February 1 to April 30 in Chelbassky group of estuaries during spawning of fish use of self-propelled small size vessels is forbidden;

2) according to article 49.1 of rules at amateur and sports fishery it is forbidden: - application of rods and the spinningovykh of tackles of all systems and names with total of hooks (hooks) more than 10 pieces at one citizen;

3) the species of fish which are grown up for commodity fish breeding on the fishery sites provided for implementation of commodity fish breeding are forbidden for production (catch).

Besides, reservoirs of the Kanevsky area have the water protection zones (which extent reaches from 50 to 200 meters from an urez of water), in which according to the current legislation there are restrictions of economic and other activity, i.e. the movement and the parking of the vehicle in water protection to a zone of water object is violation of Art. 65 of the Water Code of the Russian Federation. Pollution of a protective coastal strip of a reservoir, and also ejection of garbage in water is forbidden. Punishment for this administrative offense is prescribed by Art. 8.33 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences. The admissible size of the got (caught) water bioresources Name of water bioresources length (cm): Pike perch 38 Sazan 30 Carp 24 Ram 16 Grass carp 45 The bream in the Kuban estuaries 17 The bream in other fresh-water water objects of fishery value 24 Silver carp 50 Tench 17 Pike 30 Bull-calf 10 Bersh 25 Чехонь 24 Rybets 22 Cancer fresh-water 9 9

Management of economy of administration of municipality of Kanevskaya area